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From Failing Hardware to Secure Data Connectivity in the Cloud

BC Cancer Research Center (BCCRC) is a provincial organization responsible for cancer care in British Columbia, Canada. It is part of the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) and provides comprehensive cancer control for the people of British Columbia, including cancer care, research, education, and prevention programs. BC Cancer operates six regional centers across the province, which offer cancer treatment, support, and specialized care.

The Challenge

The risk of losing valuable data due to failing hardware

BCCRC's on-premises storage hardware was aging and beginning to fail, putting their critical data at risk. Additionally, managing and maintaining the legacy system was becoming increasingly expensive and time-consuming, putting a strain on the organization's resources.

In this challenge, BCCRC needed a quick solution that was cost-effective and enabled them to:
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Solve the issue with aging and malfunctioning storage hardware in the datacenter.
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Keep data secure and compliant, while proactively accessing the research data on daily basis
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Use existing tools to access the data while also reduce administrative overhead on operational team
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Implement a highly scalable solution that enabled their team to scale and do research more efficiently
The Solution

Securing Critical Data and Reducing Costs

To address the challenges, we proposed a solution that involved migrating almost 2PB of data to secure cloud storage. This migration would not only safeguard the data, but also reduce the burden of managing and maintaining the legacy hardware. The migration process was complex and involved careful planning and execution to ensure minimal disruption to BC Cancer's operations

The Results

Ability to Scale the Research Data

We worked closely with BCCRC to ensure that the migration was successful and that the organization's critical data was secure and easily accessible in the cloud. As a result of the successful migration, the data is now secure and easily accessible in the cloud. The organization has also saved a significant amount of resources by eliminating the need to manage the legacy hardware.

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